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How to Hook like a Pro

Check out the video below as we build on a concept from the last week – that is, using props to develop the correct movement and angle of attack in punching. This week, I’m focused on the left (lead) hook punch. Keep in mind that deception in throwing the hook punch is…

How to Throw a Knock Out Punch

In the video below, I’m illustrating a concept with some students, using a couple of props, and efforting to focus on the aspect of punching that leads to the maximum opportunity to (1) land a punch in self-defense, and (2) land that punch with adequate power. The issue for most punches isn’t…

Straight Punch: Leaking Power

In the video below, I’m demonstrating how power can leak from a straight punch. By utilizing the body as a foundation and backstop of sorts, a straight punch or palm heel strike can be much more effective through the contact point. Check out the video below, and as always walk in peace…