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Field Strip Your Life: Part II

In the first installment of this series, I described the process of field stripping a handgun (essentially the disassembly and cleaning of a firearm to protect or correct performance) as a metaphor for a limited scope, targeted reboot of your life. I also promised that I would subsequently cover three critical, game…

Handgun Defense: Shot by a Sim Round!

Recently, black belt elements of my instructor cadre and I completed a Simunition-based handgun defense seminar. And while there were many lessons learned, one in particular really stood out to me. But before I outline that critical lesson, some background is appropriate. The seminar started with 18 students, ranging in experience from…

Futuristic Firearms: 3D Printed Guns

3D Printers are Changing the Potential for Homemade Pistols. After writing the piece on the TSA last week and engaging in a Facebook ‘debate’ about the absurdity/impracticality of a government sponsored gun buy-back program in the U.S., I was clear on the topic of my next article: 3D printed guns. So…