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Make a Body Defense or Die

Recently, my advanced group has been working on a myriad of knife, handgun, and long rifle threat defenses. As they have moved through these exercises, I began to see that the connection between the addressing of the danger and the associated body defense were coming unwound. In the video below, I’m illustrating…

Multi-Threat Shield

Check out this quick video introduction to a massively powerful tool for your toolbox. This is a multi-threat shield dressed up like a briefcase. Armor it up to defeat high-speed rifles, easily defeat pistols and shotgun blasts, utilize the shield to defend against knife attacks, or use the unit as a striking…

Handgun: Lines and Timing

In the video below, I outline what are arguably the two most salient issues with moving to a handgun threat at the head during redirection. The two issues, (1) the line the redirecting hand takes to the handgun and (2) the timing of the hand movement relative to the movement of the…