Follow These Mandates To Krav Maga Success.

Chief Kirk once wrote about the three mandates that instructors must fulfill in teaching excellent classes, and while I’ve been putting those into practice when I teach, and also I’ve been thinking about what mandates students should fulfill to accelerate their results.

Instructors should strive for three important objectives in teaching:

  1. Movement – The process of moving across and through the classroom sets the tone for class and creates energy in the room. Movement and the energy it creates are contagious.
  2. Feedback – Every good instructor must provide feedback that diagnoses the issue and prescribes the fix. Without good feedback, the instructor and student both fail.
  3. Encouragement – Students need encouragement from those who’ve gone before them. They need to know failure is part of success. They need to know that failure is the recipe for learning. They need to know you’ve been down this road, and they need to know you can direct them to the next stop on their journey.

While these Instructor mandates are essential, it’s also vitally important that students clarify their own objectives in three important ideals:

  1. Focus – Students should strive to block out all distractions in an effort to focus all their resources in learning Krav Maga during each class.
  2. Perseverance – Simply defined, perseverance is output and effort over time regardless of the speed and/or trend in results. Those who persevere succeed.
  3. Respect – Students must treat their fellow classmates and each Instructor with respect. Everyone has the same goal, but each of us will take a different path to the same destination. Without respect, the classroom and the learning dynamic will break down.

So, whether you’re an Instructor or student, go into each class with a plan. As Chief Kirk says, Plan the Work, and Work the Plan.

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  1. Ernesto Sigmon


    Great article. Excellent advice for students looking to make the most of their journey. Thank you.

  2. Andrew Sall


    I think the most critical element to Krav Maga success is to keep coming back. No matter how hard the work out, no matter how hard the hit, keep coming back! I learn as much from students as I do from the instructors. (who learned from the instructors)

    It takes a while to like being beat-up at 6:30 in the morning!