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The tactical pen is a “must-have” for a close quarters tactical advantage in all environments – it’s a go anywhere tool.

The tactical pen is perhaps one of the best, most portable, and legal-anywhere tactical tools one can possess. If you haven’t looked at tactical pens in more than a while, you’ll be surprised at how durable and effective the tactical pen can be – both in terms of self defense and in an everyday writing utensil.

I teach an entire course on self-defense with the tactical pen. In short, it’s a devastating short-range weapon with fight-stopping capacity.

If you were going shopping for a tactical pen, I’d recommend you stick with tried and true brands, and strongly consider that high quality knife makers typically also make high quality tactical pens. Examples of tactical pens that serve as solid self defense tools, include:

  • Zero Tolerance
  • Benchmade Titanium
  • Gerber Impromptu
  • CRKT Tao

There are a host of other makes/models available, some look very promising and effect. Do some research, and identify what you like best. The cost on a good tactical pen ranges from $30-$300 – depending upon the material, design, and the brand. Whatever you do, ensure you carry a good folding knife and tactical pen – perhaps the two best portable close quarters tactical tools on the market.

Finally, this may sound funny, but train with your tactical pen. Not only in response to various threats but also in a way that allows you to develop the grip necessary to wield your specific pen. Next time you go through security, you’ll be pleased that your tactical pen will go right through with you!

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