Check your Connection to the Ground to Boost your Krav Maga Performance.

The question of which one thing would best “juice” your Krav Maga performance is a loaded question from the start.

To focus on one thing or hold one thing above all others is a process that simply falls down on itself upon even cursory examination, as there are many important concepts in self defense and Krav Maga specifically that make it so effective. So, while I understand the impossible nature of the question, I’ve tried to answer it none the less.

In the video below, I describe how I teach my students to connect to the ground and the benefits of effectively loading the weight into the feet properly. Without a strong and balanced connection to the ground, your Krav Maga will turn ugly – guaranteed. Check out the video, and remember that there are several highly critical ideas that could be discussed in this article, but this one is tops for me.

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  1. Ammar Nomani

    Kindly one video on step and pivot please? Could be a good continuation of this one.

  2. Arnold Wo

    These insights stick with me so much that I think I dreamt about it last night. Thanks CJ for another great piece.