You Won’t Really Learn Krav Maga Until You Realize It’s All Up To You.

I always get a good bit of personal satisfaction from seeing my students discover concepts that accelerate their learning, and perhaps, there’s no more powerful lesson than the one that illuminates the truth that each student must “own” their knowledge and “trust” that he/she can discern a workable solution to a Krav Maga defense (and more broadly in life in general).

I’ve seen students come to this understanding, and watched his/her performance skyrocket in the following months. The truth is, without taking full and complete ownership of our inputs and the outputs, there’s simply no hope in achieving optimum success in Krav Maga. Ironically, students often seek out Krav Maga training in order to “take control” of their personal safety and their lives, while almost instantly turning over control to an instructor or school.

The truth is, THE MOMENT YOU REALIZE THAT YOU DETERMINE YOUR PROGRESS, OUTCOMES, AND INPUTS, is the moment your Krav Maga experience and performance become super-charged. It’s that simple. Now, I’m not saying you’ll automatically, through some cosmic revelation, become an overnight success. Rather, I’m saying that once your mind and intent is properly set, the die has been cast an the result determined, because you’ve committed your substantial resources (mind, body, spirit) to the process. It’s simply a matter of time and effort.

So, the moment you realize the progress you seek is all within your control…is a moment where you decide how you are going to respond to this understanding. And in your response, the future is made.

It’s time. Realize the truth, and make up your mind.

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