This secret was found accidently by divers searching for the lost island of Atlantis, locked away in an ancient chest off the coast of the Maldives. The divers spotted a portion of the chest, removed the sand and debris, and hauled it the surface using heavy equipment. Once opened, the ornately decorated chest nearly disintegrated – the effects of time had caught up to the vessel. Inside, a manuscript was discovered, written by a mystic named Arcyraclis (R-sere-a-clis). In the scroll, the author clearly outlined the secret to handgun defense – even though handguns were yet to be invented. Amazing…

Because this information is so explosive, I can’t write about it.

But, due to certain loopholes in cosmic law, I can show you this video. Enjoy!

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  1. Arnold Wo

    Thanks CJ, for being always insightful and enlightening. This reminds me of the concept of tree in Krav Maga techniques.