As we continue to celebrate the Krav Maga Houston 20 Year Anniversary, I cannot help but think of the many people that have been instrumental in supporting the school and me through these many years.

The list of these good people has grown quite long, and this reflects how blessed I am to have had the opportunity to see and experience -first hand- how people can show-up powerfully for one another. It’s truly amazing.

There have been many, many highs and lows along the way – too many to mention here or in a long time for that matter. What matters is this…as the memories flood my mind, I count myself as a blessed man in shepherding an amazing organization that supports my family – both blood and Krav alike. To have had the opportunity to be a part of something this special is a once in a lifetime thing – one I hold dear.

And I’ve come to realize, in the end, the long, hard road isn’t so long or so hard when a man is blessed with such friends and advocates as these – all supporting an effort to make meaning, find purpose, and stretch to be more for those around them. Thank you to each of you that have made this long, hard road such a joy to travel. I look forward to many more years alongside each of you. Thank you rarely means so much as it does now… From my heart, thank you.

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