I’ve been working with my new apprentices and instructors the past couple of weeks on three vital elements of teaching and training others. Outside of the demonstration needed to introduce a technique, instructors can substantially increase student outcomes and retention with four easy to remember concepts:

  1. Motion -Creating motion (that is, moving with purpose and intent around the classroom) creates an emotional energy in the room. Motion sets the tone for the training session and can ignite your students. This is the simplest way to lead from the front during class. Stay in motion.
  2. Feedback – Students want to learn, and instructors have the information required to foster progress. Therefore, it’s important to offer constructive feedback to every student in class. It’s impossible to fix everything that needs addressing in a technique each class, but you can offer feedback that should significantly improve performance to each student in the classroom. Remember to start with the feet and work your way up.
  3. Encouragement – Remaining committed to the goals your students have set can be a challenge for them. Life and its many detours can get in the way. But, offering encouragement, especially when progress is achieved and/or when frustration sets in is an essential lifeline for your students.
  4. Voice – Learn to modulate your voice up and down, add inflection, and bring an emotional tone to your words – yell commands and whisper new ideas. The change in how your use your voice will help keep your students engaged and alert.

If you, as an instructor, can set the tone for class with motion, provide helpful feedback, offer encouragement at the right times, and use your voice as a training tool, your students and your school will flourish. Ignore these vital aspects of ongoing training and instruction and you’ll soon have no one to teach.

To remember this set of concepts use the phrase – My Face Encourages Violence of Action (M, F, E, V).

Now set you plan in motion and get the most out of your students!

…walk in peace

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