I set out to make Kravology a resource more grounded by methodology, scientific methods, and hard-won experience than much of what I’ve seen posted about Krav Maga in videos and books  throughout the world. Much of what’s been published simply doesn’t measure up. Profit motive and a “me too” mentality have driven far too many pretenders into the marketplace for Krav Maga instruction. Frankly, it’s unethical.

I also often laugh at what I find in the media. It seems anyone will say just about anything to secure a headline. This sensationalism has become so pervasive that most of us don’t give these headlines a second look anymore. But, I’ve seen some real losers lately. The funny thing is, data suggests that some of these tactics work well in garnering substantial customer attention.

So, with tongue in cheek, the staff at Kravology has decided to take the next week or two and develop digestible content (like always) with a decidedly over the top approach to delivering copy. I hope you enjoy this – I know we will.

To get us started, look for two new articles next:

  • The 5 Deadliest Bone Crushing Combatives Ever!
  • The Lost Secret to Handgun Defenses – Without This You’re Dead!

I hope you’ll play along, and always walk in peace.

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