The 20 Most Useful Items for Your Go Bag

So you want to pack a go bag? Worried social constructs might break down and lead to mass chaos? Well, stranger things have happened.

And, you don’t have to be a bona-fide doomsday prepper to want to have a quick get-out plan. Go bags are meant to be somewhat compact and provide you the necessary equipment to survive almost anything for a few days. Sounds like good insurance to me. Because space is at a premium, you’ll need give some serious thought to what you will include (and what you won’t) in your go bag.

To get you started, I’ve compiled a list of items I’d try to stuff into my go bag. In the coming weeks, I’ll research some of the most highly rated items on the list and provide you with added detail. After all, the holidays are upon us, and who wouldn’t love a go bag as the ultimate care package.

  1. Begin your prep with a high quality duffle or roomy backpack (buy a bulletproof lining for the backpack).
  2. Pack a pistol – something compact that you shoot well. I’d suggest .40 caliber chambering to bridge the gap between capacity and terminal power. Include several .40 caliber magazines that fit your handgun.
  3. Consider a mounted flashlight for your pistol
  4. Take a fixed blade knife with sheath – partially serrated is good (folders should be with you all the time – serrations are a must).
  5. Bring at least 100 feet of 550 paracord – thousands of uses
  6. Pack a good multi-tool
  7. Bring food – freeze dried works best
  8. Pack good, lightweight rain wear
  9. Bring a flashlight – select one that can be used as a blunt weapon as well
  10. You’ll need Oral IV fluids to prevent dehydration
  11. Grab a butane lighter
  12. Don’t forget a quality emergency medical kit
  13. Good utility gloves are a must – protect your hands
  14. Spare batteries are essential – pack a variety
  15. Use a LifeStraw for filtering water
  16. Pack a JetBoil or similar unit for cooking food
  17. Stuff some energy bars and snacks into your bag
  18. Heavy duty zip ties – don’t leave home without them
  19. Mid-sized binoculars will serve you well
  20. Magnesium fire-starter will be a great back-up to your lighter

This should get you started, and remember to pack for your specific application, modify as needed, and be realistic and ready to confront life when it throws you a curveball.

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