I suppose I could fill up several pages with wondering words about why a 24-year-old would create carnage and terror by making and distributing a series of home made bombs.

What an incredible jerk. Although I have this clown’s name at the writing of this article, I simply won’t use it. This isn’t really about that jag-a-loon bomber – who killed up when cornered (another coward in wolf’s clothing). This article is about the excellent work that law enforcement delivered at every level (local, state, and federal) to hunt down the aforementioned jag-a-loon.

I think we could all use some good news about federal law enforcement. The news cycle has been littered with stories of high level FBI officials utilizing their placement in power to corrupt, mislead, sabotage, and frankly commit illegal and perhaps treasonous acts in the name of partisan politics (indulging in deeply troubling self righteous, self centered worldviews). In short, the acts of a few have tarnished the good work of the many dedicated FBI agents that work daily to protect and serve the US citizenry. As for me, I’d like to thank all those in law enforcement that show up, suit up, and put out everyday for the masses. So, thank you much. You know who you are.

My law enforcement contacts at the federal level are distressed by the poisonous acts of the few. They are embarrassed, and they are angry. So, the next time you see a law enforcement officer, give him/her a nod. They’ve earned it, and you might just boost the morale of an agent who is still carrying the burden of the jag-a-loons at the top. That’s not OK. We should let them know we understand that the actions of the few will not sully the efforts of the many.

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