Pareto’s rule – 80/20 – suggests that there is a division of labor (and/or production) in the natural world where 80 percent of the output (production) is achieved by 20 percent of the input force.

And while the 80/20 rule has little to do with Krav Maga, the rule can be utilized successfully to consider (or think about) a response to violence or implied violence.

To be specific, a literal approach to the 80/20 rule is not what I am suggesting. To the contrary, I use metaphors, similes, related examples, and in this case, a rule describing a division of labor to “explain to myself” how to train (or practice a specific defense) based on relative effort (of the hands and body in this case). In the video below, I illustrate how I use this rule to (1) inform myself as to how to approach a defense (when applicable), and (2) help students to understand (and often times feel) the relative work being generated by various aspects (or limbs/platforms) to achieve a successful defense.

In the video, I describe three variations of a knife threat to the throat, and I summarize how I describe to students the relative work that must be done by the hand arresting control of the knife and the body movement that supports the defenses. In total, I quickly explain 80/20, 20/80 and 50/50. When you train this way, you better optimize your defense with better division of labor across the movements you must make to succeed. Check it out!

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