In today’s world, where so much of what we see and hear is wrapped in someone else’s agenda; where the spin about what’s happening in the world around us never stops – it’s vital to take an inventory of what is truly important to each of us.

Today, I’d like you to make a list of the things you’d kill or die for without doubt or hesitation. For most, logically, the list is relatively short and self-explanatory. It’s here, in the things we’ve noted as most sacred, that we really need to focus. Not everything is worth a fight or our effort – few things honestly are. But, when life crashes and batters against the sacred, it’s time to dig in and take a stand.

I have a mantra I use when I think about the scared. This keeps me motivated and focused on the importance of awareness in being a defender and steward of the most sacred things – “My Last Stand Won’t Be My First.”

I hope you have a healthy list of sacred things that are worth it all. If you do, you’re living a rich and full life. As a defender of those things most sacred, you must also train to confront this reality – when the storm’s of life rage and threaten the sacred, you must recognize that this is (1) a bad place to be and (2) a good place to die.

Live your life fully, serve something outside yourself, and prepare to give all to defend the sacred.

Finally, train like the fight of your life is coming, because it is, and now we know exactly what were fighting for… you are Faithful / Strong / Courageous!

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