Controlling the Odor That Inevitably Results From Tough Training Sessions is Possible – Here’s How.

If you’ve trained in any discipline for any amount of time, you know there is always equipment or ancillary technical items that take a beating of some sort – be that shoes, gym bags, apparel, or in this case striking gloves.

My favorite gloves, as of today, are made by Hayabusa. But good leather gloves can cost over $200 in several cases. While I think quality is worth the investment, once invested, it’s up to the owner to care of his/her equipment.

High quality striking gloves need minimal care, and once properly broken-in, these gloves can last through years of heavy service. What might, however, negatively effect the useful life of otherwise functioning gloves is ODOR. I’ve been in several classes where I literally told my partner to take his gloves off and wash his hands. You know what I’m talking about in this regard.

I’ve been using the Fresh & Clean Scent SNEAKER BALLS to keep my athletic shoes and gloves smelling great. These hard plastic balls have a twist action that opens several vents in a strip at the center of the balls, releasing a mild and pleasant scent. These balls work really well, and have been doing a solid job with the equipment that is regularly exposed to sweat. They are cheap, long lasting, and do the job. Check them out; you can find them at most sporting retailers and on Amazon.

Image Source from Academy.

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