If you own a toolbox or two full of tools, you likely have a few tools that you rarely use. Personally, I own mostly standard items, but I do have two sets of Allen wrenches that each has a single wrench that fits almost nothing. But, on the odd occasion, these wrenches have come in quite handy. In one case, virtually saving the day.

As a civilian, this is the way I tend to think about the SCOTTeVEST Brad Thor Alpha Jacket:

Boasting 35 interior pockets, the Alpha Jacket has room to carry and conceal your favorite handgun, iPad, cellular phone, sun-glasses, car keys (truck if you’re from Texas), knives, tactical pens, and a whole bunch more stuff.

The “armor cut” jacket can be a bit bulky, but to be fair, I’m between the XL and XXL sizes. I loaded the XXL jacket down and wore it around on several cold days. It’s a warm jacket, cuts the wind nicely, and is water resistant. At times, loaded down, the Alpha Jacket sagged a bit to the forward side, but I may have had an extra 25-30 pounds in the pockets.

I was most excited about the concealment pocket for my handgun, but I was slightly disappointed in the design. The Alpha Jacket requires some alteration and/or redesign to adequately carry and quickly deploy a handgun. Instead, try to find a handgun/holster combination that fits nicely into the designated pocket.

I was surprised to learn that the color choice for the Alpha Jacket consisted of black or black. In terms of style, don’t expect too much. The Alpha Jacket is tactical offering, and it looks the part.

In general, the Alpha Jacket is ingenious. If you’re looking for a warm, dry, jacket to cut the wind and carry a ton of tactical and/or useful tools and electronics, try the Alpha Jacket.

Overall Ratings:

Form & Fit: 


Function & Capacity:

Material & Make:

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