Finding the Meaning in Old Phrases Can Open Up a World of Useful Instruction – In Krav Maga and In Life More Generally.

It seems that all to often these days the meaning of words and phrases has been watered down due to overuse and/or misuse in our everyday language.

That’s a shame, because words or phrases that once meant something specific now mean something much more generic. What was once meaningful and rich in description is now meaningless and without impact.

One such phrase that I’ve been recently teaching about is…”roll with the punches.” A phrase today that means to accept life’s headwinds by allowing the wind to blow you wherever it might until the power it has over you has faded. Another way we often interpret the “roll with the punches” phrase is to forego resistance. That’s all pure garbage.

“Roll with the punches” is a phrase meant to describe a means of active resistance by utilizing tactics to avoid on-coming danger and to set-up a finalizing response to that danger. “Roll with the punches” is not giving up or passive acceptance but rather digging in with active intent.

This is best illustrated in the physical movement and counterattack associated with this term, where an incoming punch is redirected by the rolling of the defender’s shoulder while simultaneously setting up an effective counterattack.

The next time you have to address a challenge in your life, think about how you might use “roll with the punches” as a meaningful and instructional metaphor to meet and defeat your challenge.

For more on “roll with the punches”, check out the article (Shoulder Rolling) this week with the associated video.

…walk in peace

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