Use The Pluck To Defend Against Choke From The Front. It Works!

After my Q&A article calling for questions about Krav Maga, Robby Hall wrote and asked, “Is the pluck a realistic defense against choke from the front?’ And, this week, I’m addressing this question.

The answer is YES. The pluck is a movement that when researched, explained, and performed as described, is more like a TECHNOLOGY that a gross motor movement. While the pluck is not the optimal physical response to a choke from the front, it is the most effective – given the human condition and the hardwired responses that emerge in human beings when (in this case) being choked.

Remember, the pluck uses SPEED and LEVERAGE at 90 DEGREES to the pressure of the chock.

I’ve highlighted and detailed these issues in the video below.

Enjoy and thanks for the question!

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