Try This Method for More Safely Arresting Control of the Knife Hand.

I’ve noticed a dangerous trend through the years, driven perhaps by the pressing need to control the knife hand during an overhead stabbing defense.

The trend seems to be ubiquitous with students starting to learn this defense. If I had to make an educated guess, I’d say the issue with controlling the knife hand stems from an urgency to feel as though the attack has been thwarted. After all, everyone understands, at some level, that an edged weapon is dangerous when it is allowed to move.

However, the urgency to stop the edged weapon from moving may also be the root cause of a dangerous movement that seems to facilitate control (but in reality creates a dangerous situation). In the video below, I explain how to achieve control with the knife hand and why this process creates more safety in the maneuver. Take a look, and shoot me a question if needed.

…walk in peace.

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