October is Breast Cancer Awareness month, and every year it is my honor to support breast cancer research, as well as, my mentor Darren Levine (and the Krav Maga Worldwide community at large) by working with my cadre of awesome instructors and staff to eradicate breast cancer through the funding of research into new and novel methods of attacking or subduing the spread of breast cancer cells.

Each year we remember Marni Levine (who we lost to breast cancer) with seminars, auctions, and other fund raising activities that support breast cancer research. The Concern Foundation is our charitable partner in this effort. And, the Krav Maga Houston community has really showed up in this effort for 10 years and counting.

This year, we’ve added a twist. Instructors are growing ridiculous mustaches -if the pot of donations for their mustache exceeds a pre-determined level. So, if you want pics and poses of Krav Houston instructors looking like 70s and 80s throwbacks, call James @ 713-526-2500 and throw $10-$20 in the pot. Obviously, as you can see by the picture, some instructors are already participating. Thank you – God bless everyone fighting cancer. Let’s fight with them!

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