If you’ve never considered a morning ritual, now is the time. The process is a vital key in “winning the day”. A morning ritual will require that you awaken 30 minutes earlier, but the cost is well worth the benefit.

To start, sit up straight, breathe through your nose (anchoring your breath in your diaphragm). Take 5 minutes to engage in a breath practice. Try box breathing (Unbeatable Mind has a great app) or use a relaxation breathing technique (deep breathes via nostril breathing with a subtle pause at the top and bottom). This process will anchor you into the present and get your brain working.

Next, using pen and paper (or a device) begin to journal about whatever is in your mind (perhaps what you dreamed about during the night). If you feel as though nothing is bubbling up, feel free to use the prompts below as a means of writing and releasing your thoughts:

  • For what am I grateful this morning?
  • For what am I looking forward to this morning?
  • How will I serve others today?
  • How will my passion, principles, and potential merge into purpose today?
  • Who needs to hear from me today?
  • What are the most important things that I need to accomplish today?

Third, wake your body up and prepare it for the day with some somatic movement – I prefer yoga (Sun A x 5-10 cycles). If you’re younger, more dynamic movement that starts slow and builds, such as shadow boxing, is super also.

Finally, take three to five deep breathes and pray. I don’t know what you pray to , but everybody worships something – God, power, money, influence, fame, relationships, sex, adrenaline…you get the idea. It’s true. Think about it.

As a warrior, whom do you serve, and what do you worship? Come to grips with that, realign your priorities if needed, and the rest will fall into place.

I highly recommend a morning ritual. Give it a try – it’s powerful.

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  1. GS

    Very good stuff CJ. It makes all the difference. I add stretching in there with breathing and see great benefit. I really notice it when I skip it that morning. Thanks!