We often refer to MO/OP, or the “Motive for Operating”, as a means of connecting to the reasons why we effort towards a specific goal.

And, in this connection, we find strength and resilience. What we often overlook in our goal orientation is our MAX/OP – that is, the “Maximum Opportunity” we have if we achieve our goals. This concept is part daydreaming (or what some might call blue-sky thinking), but it’ also part visualization (what many call mental rehearsal).

While daydreaming about the possibilities of what might be as a result of achieving a goal, visualization is the mind work around sensing the goal is already achieved – living out the fruits of our labor (if only on our minds). The power of this process is in the mental rehearsal – as our minds cannot distinguish between visualization and living the actual event. The benefits are many, but perhaps the biggest benefit is the opportunity to experience the many results of achieving your goal through visualization – adding all the more Motive for Operating through a mental experience that I call MAX/OP.

For those struggling with their MO/OP, the visualization associated with MAX/OP might just be the key to discovering a more powerful and tangible MO/OP.

The next time you’re chasing a goal, make sure you thoroughly assess both your MO/OP and MAX/OP – each can enhance and strengthen the other! And then, go for it!

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