The video update below continues to mark the process of covering 240 miles of work over an eight-day period on an elliptical.

As you might imagine, the process provided me plenty of time to think. As I considered my young boys and my older children, I was able to access some clarity around the uniqueness of each child (and how I needed to show up to connect with that individuality).

But, perhaps, the most surprising concept I arrived at was the common theme that runs in all parents and/or close relationships (that can spawn massive shifts in trust and closeness): that is, (1) more quality one-on-one time, (2) more grace (to learn from mistakes), and (3) more teaching. This creates the kind of snowball effect that allows kids to discover (through experience and teaching facilitated by a loving resource) the kinds of life lessons that will serve them well throughout their years.

This alone was worth far more than the march asked of me over those eight days. Think about it.


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