In the videos below, I’ve crossed the halfway mark of the 240-mile, 8-day march. I can almost taste success.

My legs and knees are holding, and my muscles are actually starting to feel stronger. There’s a palpable momentum that’s washing over the entire process. Here’s the issue: there’s still a ton of work to be done. In this realization, I remembered I might arrive at this place (where the excitement overrides reason). I needed to fall back to my plan – specific heart rate and calorie output targets and focused breath practices.

The impulse to rush was dramatic and powerful. But, in the end, I chose to anchor to my plan, and adjust as needed by experimenting with micro oriented shifts in pace and technique (until finding the sweet spot for a specific evolution or day of work). The discipline to focus, fall back on objective planning, and work “issues” with micro-adjustments was the key that delivered the win.

In our lives, we all need to be goal-oriented, focused, committed, disciplined, and mentally ready to make the right calls to meet and exceed our goals. What’s your next goal? How will you achieve success? I’m sure it involves taking one step at a time. Whether it’s approximately a half a million steps (as the march required) or ten million steps, the process remains the same – stay present, focused, work the plan, use micro-adjustments, and keep moving.


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