On September 5th, 2017, Kravology will be releasing a very special series of videos to support those in the Houston area who have been devastated by Hurricane Harvey.

The videos will be part of a Krav Maga Worldwide effort to raise funds for those most deeply affected by Hurricane Harvey.

The videos will be part of a series of planned seminars throughout the Krav Maga Worldwide community to help the relief effort. We will be asking some critical questions:

What is our Krav Maga community made of?

What is the strength of our collective conviction in supporting one another in times of trial?

Who will stand and be the corner man for those in the fight of their lives?

These are the questions we are asking, not as a drill, but as questions that will be answered in the wake of the damage and devastation caused by the most powerful storm the United States has ever seen.

To try and use mere words to convey the enormity of the damage is futile. As I speak, levees are still being tested and in jeopardy, rivers and creeks continue to rise, and homes and businesses are still under water.

The relief funding mechanism will be GoFundMe and 100% of the funds (less the GoFundMe fees) raised will be administered and distributed by Carl Frost, CPA – a trustworthy man who has been practicing for over 30 years in the Houston area and has been a loyal and dedicated member of our Krav Maga family for over a decade.

When you give, every cent we receive will be delivered to someone in need – every red cent. Many of those in my care are hurting. I need your help. If I can count on you, you can count on me. I am the Steward of Krav Maga Houston, and you have my word.

Thank you for the strength and power of your generosity. It will do great things and be a major statement that can echo for years to come about the character of the Krav Maga community.

Thank you again…


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  1. Kamlesh

    I’m a former student (currently on break for the last several months due to business travel & injury recovery, planning to come back).

    Are you accepting cash only? Are there other items you or those in your care need? If so, is there a list of things you need you could provide?