In Krav Maga, Your Feet Act Like Suction Cups or Roller Skates; You Decide.

I’ve looked at my share of fighting stances in my time, and I’ve had the opportunity to watch people not only assume a fighting stance but also begin to move either in a shadow boxing, sparring, and/or drill format.

This is traditionally when the proverbial wheels fall off the bus. Often, the issue is the student’s connection to the ground.

As a general rule, your connection (or relationship) to the ground impacts weight transfer, power, reactive speed, and the effectiveness of preemptive movement. The issues associated with suboptimal connection usually occurs through one of three concerns: (1) the Kravologist is carrying his/her weight much too high, (2) the Kravologist is allowing their weight to spill over onto the outsides of their feet (watch the outside blade of the shoe), or (3) the Kravologist is taking a stance that is not right-sized for their frame.

The proper connection to the ground includes a right-sized stance and optimal weight placement in the feet to start with optimal weight transfer in the feet and body frame (platforms and structure). Check out the video below, I’ll show you how to develop a solid connection to the ground.

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  1. Richard Lindsey

    My question being is you mentioned being in a blade stance. Which i did see you where a lot more squared in ur stance, but when you teach ur students stance do you emphase some sideways stance meaning blade, or traditional Krav Maga more squared and forward stance? And once again great lesson and article.

  2. Kassi

    I know this video was posted a while back. I am a new Krav Maga student, about 3 months into my training. This video highlighted and explained one of the things I was having the most trouble with. I am undoubtably a roller skate wearing newbie. I was beginning to get frustrated with my balance and feet during class, and this sounds like it will drastically help my stance. Thank you for your videos, I am already learning techniques to put into practice my next class.