I’ve been preaching three key concepts lately in my Krav Maga Houston classes.

These concepts can be widely applied across nearly every Krav Maga defense, technique, or skill-building drill. Once mastered, these concepts will greatly enhance your training and results. These concepts can be summed up in the following way:

  1. Continuity of Movement: Understanding the way motor skills connect and “share space” (as represented graphically in the same way the Olympic rings illustrate shared space) will bolster your Krav Maga and ensure micro pauses don’t interrupt your flowing through movements
  2. Weight Transfer: While you undoubtedly understand the significance of transferring weight between feet as you move, also consider how weight moves and benefits your Krav Maga through the dropping of your center of gravity.
  3. Connection to the Ground: Your connection to the ground supplies the platform from which to “push” and the base from which to create stability. Learn specifically how to do these things, and your Krav Maga will improve dramatically.

Check out the video below. I illustrate the points made above using various Krav Maga defenses. Enjoy, and walk in peace.

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  1. Chris Hotze

    These are amazing concepts. Thank you for sharing these in video!!!

  2. Richard lindsey

    The Professor! That should be your name through the Krav Maga society. You break it down to where there’s times I want to send you a monthly payment lol.