Learn To Logically Isolate Areas Of A Krav Maga Defense Where Trouble Might Occur And Develop A New Skill Set In Solving The Problem.

This week I’m attempting to accomplish three important objectives:

(1) ask each Kravis to consider the drill that I’m illustrating as a skill-building exercise, (2) facilitate thinking around how this drill might apply to other defenses in format and/or by analogy, and finally (3) begin to develop thinking around what segment of a defense or defenses might logically be points in which the defender may experience trouble in completing the defense.

The long gun grappling drill is meant to facilitate these three ideas.  In the video below, you’ll see how I set-up this drill for students and how to think about the exercise.

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  1. Ernesto

    Excellent segment. My takeaway (from the video and seeing it demonstrated in class) is that right angles are amazingly efficient at solving long gun grappling “problems”. Big thanks for the insight and instruction.