A Krav Maga Inside Defense is Made to Facilitate Your Counterattack

We’ve been focusing fairly heavily on Krav Maga’s inside defense to right straight punch of late. It seems in the process, we’ve left out the entire purpose of defending – that is to launch a counterattack. If this seems confusing to you, check out the blog this week.

The counter to an inside defense of a right straight punch is your own right straight punch – please don’t say “right cross” in the place of right straight. It makes you sound like you don’t know what you’re talking about, as a right cross is a right straight punch that actually crosses the attackers left jab (creating a crossing of the arms). Your right straight counter must be developed during your inside defense – this is often overlooked in focusing on the defense itself. Remember, Krav Maga (in this context) is all about defense and offense – not just defense.

As an aid to the inside defense and to simultaneously develop the right straight counter, draw your right arm into your body with your elbow down during your defense – making your body more narrow (like an accordion). Once the inside defense is made, launch your right straight counter a millisecond later. To understand this visually, check out the video below. In this video, I’m teaching James to “get small” like an accordion while he loads his right straight counter at the same time.

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  1. Michael Donahoe

    These videos are really great. Thanks for publishing them. Looking forward to the next video for the “step into/outside” on the counter punch, and hand position let’s say to ensure a guard on a double jab.

    Love everything you guys are doing!