Secure Massive Strength Gains In One Simple Step.

If you’re going to really understand Krav Maga movement and leverage your body weight into strength that can overcome attackers that are much larger than you, you’d better start understanding platforms, structure, weight transfer, rotation, hip punch, and a host of other important factors in developing strength and power. Today, I’m offering up the concept of “connection.”

In the video below, I’ve outlined how “connecting back to your body” can create massive strength gains in your Krav Maga defenses. I’m using a handgun/third party defense as an example of the concept in action.

Enjoy, and leave a comment below! Tell us if we’re helping you!

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  1. Ernesto Sigmon

    Great video and concept. Reconnecting to the main structure of the body for strength gains makes total sense (it also applies to a variety of athletic movements, e.g. golf). Great to hear it explained in the context of Krav Maga–really, really helpful. Thank You.