Here’s to Mom

The topic of mothers doesn’t directly relate to Krav Maga, although it’s clear that for most children training in Krav Maga, their ability to continue training rests heavily on mom.

Not to say dads don’t play a role, and for single dads (or single moms),the role of both parents is played by one. That’s not the topic of this article; suffice to say, a parent who plays the role of mom should get a ton of credit.

My wife was away this weekend, and I had the opportunity to spend some time alone with my three young boys. And, what should have been a fun weekend turned for the worse when all three boys became sick. I won’t bore you with the details, as some of you know the issues and trials of caring for three sick, young children. My point is a simple one – Mom’s seem to have a deep reservoir of love and patience and empathy that tends to be on full display when kids are sick. And, while I have often played a substantial role when our kids are sick, including having my youngest vomit into my mouth (is it bad to say it seemed like he did it on purpose?) as my wife’s eye filled with a look of terror. I simply spit it out and kept moving.

But, I’ve never had three boys – all sick, all by myself. I can only say, I did have empathy and bounced from one to the others, trying my best to help my two crouping children and one feverish, vomiting child. In the end, mom came home, and we’re all so glad she did.

Here’s to mom’s everywhere. I pray yours makes up the best part of you. Because, it’s very likely that part of you will help you to “walk in peace.”

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