This Fourth of July, I’d like to invite you to join me in contemplating the tremendous sacrifices and astounding courage of the first men and women who settled the United States demonstrated in their commitment to freedom.

To shake off the bonds of tyranny, proclaim yourself free, and dig in for the fight of your life is a rare and powerful thing.

With the freedoms and privileges that come with being a U.S. citizen come a daunting responsibility to exercise those freedoms and privileges with decorum, common sense, and an aim at bettering the society around each of us. Sadly, this has become a rare thing. If you understand what I’m writing herein, join me in redoubling your efforts to live free, to live responsibly, and to make an effort to revive a nation that was created for the people and governed by the people.

When asked what kind of union had been created after the Declaration of Independence was signed and ratified, Ben Franklin remarked, “…a republic, if you can keep it.” I know now, more than ever, what Ben Franklin was alluding to all those years ago. And by my count, we (as a country) have strayed so far from our founding and the truths that our nation’s founding was created upon, that I fear we just might lose it. As for those that live to complain and find fault with our great country where there is none, I only wish they were required to live elsewhere to understand the immense privilege it is to live in these United States.

Ironically, I’ve found that the most patriotic American’s that I’ve had the honor to celebrate the fourth with are often immigrants who deeply and passionately love their new country and the many, many benefits of being an American. These people proudly fly the American flag, gladly learn our language, respect our laws, and most often flourish in our collective society. If you need a perspective shift, join the celebration of the fourth with immigrants, by the end of your experience, you’ll love and take pride in your country in new and powerful ways.

Happy Fourth of July – may God bless the Unites States of America.

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  1. Mark

    I’m on my HOA and at a meeting some were upset with a residents choose of color for their home saying basically it was too south of the border. I encouraged them to also notice the 3’x5′ pristine American flag they display everyday in their front yard! Rock on CJ…