Properly Apply the Concept of “Reach” and Your Krav Maga Will Improve Dramatically.

Although I’ve written about this topic in a narrow context, it has become clear that the concept is not being applied across the many defenses where it can have major effect.

The concept I’m referring to is the “reach” in making an inside defense, straight stab defense, 360 drill/defense, and in utilizing an outside defense in response to danger.

In the video below, I’ve outlined the concept of the “reach” I’m referring to in this context. Take hold of this concept and properly apply its function, and many of your Krav Maga defenses will become much more effective and powerful. Check it out!

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  1. Ammar Nomani

    Chief could you please talk a little about feet position during this defense? (Or better still make a video) A lot of questions arose after Darren’s seminar and reminded me of this video. (And the one in which you drew dots on James’s arm)

    I guess the the main confusion arrises regarding feet position is due to the fact that in level 1 we just stand and defend during 360. In level 2 we attack the attack, control and finish the fight.

    Thank you.
    Looking forward