Consider These Elements of the Krav Maga Handgun Defense to Focus and Improve your Technical Performance.

So often, as we discuss handgun defenses in the Krav Maga community, we refer primarily to the defenses as a function of how the handgun is presented (i.e. from the front, at the head, touching).

But, this description (while appropriate and accurate) does not classify the defense in a way that provokes thinking in the defender.

Instead, I’d suggest we additionally define Krav Maga handgun defenses into categories that better stress where the most risk is being taken, based upon a quick analysis of the movements required to complete the defenses. In this way, we can ask the student to consider what parts of which movements must be considered more from a technical perspective. In other words, where to focus their technical efforts.

In the video below, I’ll explain and hope to provide thought provoking ideas that support your Krav Maga training.

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