How to Prepare for a Successful Krav Maga Test

While life’s many tests can be far more challenging, taking a Krav Maga belt test is not for the faint of heart. During an average test, you’ll spend hours making a host of defenses in a near exhausted state. You’ll have to move past your physical peak and draw upon your fighting spirit.

Testing, more than anything else, is about the intangibles – grit, moxie, and fighting spirit. While technical expertise is great, making defenses at the edge of your physical capacity is best achieved by allowing the technical defense “fly from you” – while employing a good measure of the intangibles. Less thinking, more doing…

Up can increase the odds of having a great test by doing four simple things:

  1. Spend the appropriate amount of time preparing for a test. Don’t rush. Don’t try to fit testing into a preconceived timeline. Instead, ensure your body can fluidly make “clean” defenses without a huge mental or physical effort. Until then, keep training.
  2. Get in shape. You’re going to hit a wall during the test. It’s best to have hit physical walls in training prior to your test – you need to know what this feels like and how to cope with the feeling. Generally, take a deep breath, dive right back into the fray, and reach for the end of your motor skills – don’t stop short with any movement.
  3. Before the test, visualize each technique. Visualize your response to exhaustion. Visualize success. Do this many times, over many days prior to your test. Take the entire test in your head several times before the actual test day. Learn focus and practice success in your mind.
  4. Stay in the moment. Act in and react in real time. Be present. Stay grounded in the task at hand. Do not look at the clock, allow your mind to wonder, or try to estimate how much longer the test will go on. Just do until he doing is over.

Do these simple things, and I believe you’ll have the best test you can muster.

Good luck!

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  1. Ade Craig

    Thank you for the great advice I’ll definitely take it on board. I’m doing my yellow belt grading in September & I’m looking forward to it even though I don’t know what to expect, I’m confident & pleased that my instructor has the confidence in me to attain the yellow belt status it’s a honour