Failure is feedback. It’s really that simple, despite the warped meaning being ascribed to failure by prevailing social and cultural norms.

The scarlet letter of failure is so pervasive throughout our social fabric that the fear of failure often corrupts any attempt at success for many in our world. More deep-seated personal fear, heaped upon the fear of failure, often comes from the “bad code” running through our heads – specifically, a fear that the self doubts and shadows of our individual psyche might be true and further confirmed by our own personal failures.

Couple the social impact of failure with the deeply personal fear of unworthiness, and the result is stifling – a virtual prison of our own making. In this state, many shut down and avoid any attempt at achieving success – trading any potential for victory for the certainty of avoiding the confirmation that failure provides about our perceived worth. This is tragic and entirely unacceptable. Failure is feedback. Failure is our greatest experiential teacher. And, to put a fine point on this truth, nothing substantial has ever been achieved without first daring and failing greatly.

Consider that failure isn’t an end, but rather a signal to discover success by starting again armed with the experiential wisdom only failure can provide. Failure challenges our assumptions and beliefs by forcing each of us to expand our thinking and our approach to achieving success. Everyone fails. The real tragedy is allowing failure to go unleveraged, un-tapped, and unharnessed in your bid to succeed. In the final analysis, failure points the way forward to success. So keep your eyes open, and learn to succeed by ruthlessly using the lessons that failure offers.

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  1. Ernesto

    Hear, hear. Failing gloriously is the strong willed warrior’s way of acknowledging that success is just around the bend.

  2. Pedro A. Franco

    Fail fast, fail frequent, but most importantly: fail forward.