Through the years that I’ve taught Krav Maga, I’ve learned to use language much more effectively than I had previously thought possible.

The circumstances around which I developed this skill are similar to a “forged in fire” situation. Specifically., I found myself teaching a myriad of classes across a varied set of skill levels to groups that were diverse in terms of sex, vocation, age, experience, and background. In this, I found that my instruction during class needed to be much more explicit. I simply could not rely on others to “know what I meant.” I had to clearly outline exactly what I meant, using specific words – both Krav Maga nomenclature and vivid descriptors – to communicate effectively.

This situation forced me to think more precisely about what my words actually meant (or were evolving to mean over time), and to become more aware of how words can be reasonably misconstrued. And, over the years, my ability to voice instruction has improved. This entire experience eventually spilled over into my life outside Krav Maga.

Today, my relationships are much more rich, partly because I am better able to communicate and clarify during communication. My goal setting process has become more powerful through more precise language and the resulting internal road map that better and more efficiently directs my actions towards milestones and objectives. And, most significantly, my personal ethos is much more clear and pointed, facilitating a clarity about life that is both powerful and enriching.

So, as you move through this life, elevate your language – you’ll be happy you did!

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