Self-Defense Capacity Is Perhaps The Most Overlooked Critical Life Skill.

I don’t think we can over-estimate the importance of understanding the magnitude and impact that teaching Krav Maga can be for our students and for us.

The reality is – if we forget this truth, we do a disservice to our students and ourselves. Because, when we forgot how important this all really is, we fail to communicate and teach in ways that inspire growth and support improvement in our students.

I try to remind myself that real, effective self-defense skills are CRITICAL LIFE SKILLS.

These skills are every bit as important as writing, reading, and arithmetic. In fact, in some cases, self-defense skills are far more important than anything else you’ll ever learn. But, martial skills – when taught masterfully – also facilitate improved confidence, reduced stress, increased high-stress management, clear-thinking, emotional balance, better tactical awareness, and increased fitness levels.

Therefore, it’s vital – when talking with potential students – to clearly and evangelically communicate the life-changing benefits of Krav Maga training.

Is there a better means of learning self-defense than Krav Maga? No.

I’ve researched over 100 systems through the years, achieved rank in eight disciplines, and utilized a systematic and clear-headed evaluation process along the way. In my opinion, no other system was conceived to address the dangers of the modern world like Krav Maga. I came to this conclusion BEFORE I started my business – because, I wanted the best solution for my family and myself.

So, take the time to remind yourself often that you’re teaching the most effective, accessible self-defense system on the planet – and recognize how important that really is for those who trust you to teach.

Remember, effective Krav Maga capacity is a critical life skill.

As an AMEX slogan once offered, “Don’t leave home without it.”

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