If you haven’t begun utilizing “Coaches Eye”, you’re missing a valuable tool for your continued training and progression through the Krav Maga system.

The downloadable application for tablets and cellular phones provides what the company calls “on the spot video analysis” – both coaching/training sessions and self correction efforts can be achieved with substantial results utilizing the Coaches Eye application.

Some more advanced (paid) versions of the application allow the on the spot video analysis to be reviewed frame by frame – identifying breaks in form, technique, etc. The analysis tool allows users to assess angles, draw on the video (think John Madden) and provide voice over analysis for review at a later date/time by coaches or students.

The Coaches Eye website (www.coacheseye.com) describes their application as follows:
Coach’s Eye helps athletes and coaches develop their skills quicker than the competition. We approach every sport with this mindset “Seeing is Believing”, and you can’t change what you can’t see. Coach’s Eye is proud to give you the best video analysis app on the market. Simple and powerful, Coach’s Eye is the number one tool you need to elevate your game.

For me, the final analysis is simple, I strongly recommend utilizing Coaches Eye in conjunction with the Kravology Methods! It’s a powerful tool for progress!

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