This Subtle Stepping Motion Can Make or Break Your Choke From Behind Defense.

I’ve seen and performed my fair share of subtle errors in completing a host of Krav Maga defenses over the years.

But one thing that irks me is an error that appears to be insignificant in the making, while in reality the error approaches catastrophic failure. One such subtle error has been showing up in my classes lately.

The issue I’m referring to arises during Krav Maga’s Choke from Behind Defense – specifically when the defender finishing the plucking motion and is moving to the side of the attacker. In this process, the movement to the side of the attacker contains two key elements that must be performed to optimize the defense.

First, the defender must step back with the outside foot before he or she slides the other foot in the same direction (just past the attackers centerline). The second foot – moving with a dragging motion – must pass the centerline to ensure that the path to the groin strike is unobstructed. An unobstructed path virtually guarantees a solid connection with the target, as the defender’s attacking hand can fly immediately to the target on a straight line (as opposed to a circular line that can be created by having to move the defender’s attacking hand around the defender’s thigh – due to a poor and insufficient dragging motion that failed to clear the centerline).

Second, the foot doing the initial stepping must be moved backward slightly, so that it is positioned evenly (or nearly even) with the attacker’s foot. This ensures that the attacker has limited access to the defender – as the defender is turned slightly away from the attackers weapons. But, perhaps more importantly, the defender must abide by a conservative rule of thumb for this defense in developing his or her combatives. That is, an elbow strike is only as effective and long as the length of the shoulder to the elbow from the closest hip to the target.

Check out the video below. I highlight these critical issues for your consideration.

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