If you’ve heard the rumor that Chief Kirk is writing a book that details lessons learned from over 20 years of Krav Maga training, teaching, coaching, observing, and experimenting in his own life – you’ve heard correctly!

Maybe the coolest thing about this project is the co-development of a companion website that supports readers with daily practices, contemplation exercises, and formats that support personal growth across the myriad of topics covered in the book. That’s powerful!

What is even more exciting is…we, the readers of Kravology have the opportunity to vote on the title of the book. Below are four potential titles – vote for your favorite title by scrolling down the page and using the feedback form.

Ten winners will receive a signed 20th Year Anniversary T-shirt.

Help us name this book. Hint: The book is about forming and living out a personal ETHOS to ensure readers live with courage, authenticity, and a warrior’s heart. Wow…I’m in!

Title #1:
ETHOS: Powerful Personal Leadership

Title #2:
ETHOS: Join the Conquer Culture

Title #3:
CONQUER CULTURE: How Winners & Warriors Leverage ETHOS to Lead and Succeed

Title #4:
CONQUER CULTURE: Where Ethos, Leadership, and Success Converge

Remember, vote in the comment box below – scroll down to access the box. Thanks for your help! Your vote will be counted.

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  1. Don

    Title 3 because it contains elements of ethos, warrior, and winner.

  2. Pam Daft

    Title #4 because I like how the title uses the word “converge” to illustrate it’s not just one function but many different practices that makes a warrior and “leadership” to show others how to continue their walk in life.

  3. Angelica Carmona

    Title #1

  4. Taylor

    Title 3, hands down.

  5. Alf

    Title 1

  6. Ammar Nomani

    Title 4

  7. Cole Chavey

    Title 1. Short and efficient.