My youngest son was asked to memorize a poem for school, and I thought this assignment would be a great opportunity for us to work together.

However, the school made the requirement that the poem must be a published poem not written by the students.

Not allowing the assignment to derail my plans, I wrote a poem about wolves (my sons favorite animal) – and now I’m publishing it on Kravology to meet the publishing requirement. Tonight, he and I will sit down and memorize this poem.

What’s the point? Fight (metaphorically) for your place within your kid’s education. Don’t allow others to direct your path with your children, and don’t assign others more power over your children or your life than is necessary to meet your objectives. As parents, it’s our responsibility to find partners in the raising of our children – typically with domain expertise we don’t have. But pay close attention – what’s being said, and what’s being taught.

Raise your children – don’t outsource it. It’ll be the best thing you’ve ever done.

Below, find my poem about the wolf pack – published by someone other than my son. Checkmate!

The Gathering
By CJ Kirk

Wolves howling through a whistling wind
Call their pack to the spot
Ancestors meet in this sacred place
Mingling with those still hunting
The ritual is again replayed
Within the primal DNA
The wolves have gathered
The pack is set
Life and death are playing out
Nature will not relent 

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  1. Gina

    AWEsome and totally agree!!