The recent passing of our dear friend Simon Atkinson was, for me, the moment I gained enough clarity to see the Krav Maga community as a cadre of like-minded people that all share something extraordinary.

The truth is…what we share isn’t the need for self defense skills (although that is vital). Rather, what we share at our core is a desire to preserve something special.

For some, this preservation takes form in family – for others, it’s freedom or peace or liberty. In a very real sense, we are all learning to fight for something sacred. We sense this in one another. We support each other. We draw close and build the bonds of sister and brotherhood in our realization we are the same. We become invested in each other. We become and are a strong community.

More specifically, the clarity I recently gained was a singular notion that our community must codify our bond in the creation of a 501c3 that regularly develops and executes fundraisers and other events to prepare for the inevitable tragedies that are so often part of this life. That’s what I’m doing to support this community. We need each other now as we support Simon’s family. We will need each other again.

Let us all commit to doing more to support our community. As for me, I’m…all in, all the time. I pray you are also.

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