Every attribute of a Warrior lifestyle is derived from courage, loyalty, selflessness, the will to endure adversity, to fight for others and what we stand for.

However, at a much deeper level, each Warrior recognizes he/she has enemies within – habits, weaknesses and addictions that cause each to do harm to ourselves or others in some capacity.

Recently, you may have heard Chief Kirk use the terminology “finding your growing edge” as it pertains to personal growth and seeking excellence. I cannot help but create very literal imagery from a trip I took to Hunts Mesa, in Arizona, to help myself come to a complete understanding of what those two simple words “growing edge” truly mean. After arriving in what appeared to be the backcountry of Navajo Land, imagine an additional two-and-a-half-hour journey through unpaved and seemingly hazardous terrains over the incredible formations carved out of the of blistering red rock within the Monument Valley Navajo Tribal Park. Reaching the summit of the Mesa proved to be more than worth of the anxiety of the drive up the mountain. Looking out across the horizon was the expansive and breathtaking scenery of Monument Valley which sat a little over 1,500 feet below us.

There came a point in the exploration of the summit where the solid ground of the mesa ended, and the cliff face began. This edge was where the most incredibly majestic view of the vast landscape was visible. This, metaphorically, is the vantage point that allows us to take in so much more of the world around us and our experiences in it. At the “edge” are the possibilities of destruction or intolerable promise. Edges are the places where opposites meet. Where our fear meets courage, where our suffering meets freedom, and where deep fulfillment has the ultimate opportunity to abound.

Imagine what could happen if we took the time to investigate our own difficulties, challenged our internal enemies to push a little further towards the edge, and once we reached that edge, we simply kept growing the edge. The outlook on our circumstantial landscape would be ever evolving, and the journey alone would impart an inordinate amount of growth in character that would better support our life’s purpose.

What is your growing edge? What landscapes are you missing out on by failing to address your weaknesses?

These are some of the many questions we will address as we continue to develop a Warrior lifestyle through the physical, mental and emotional practice of Warrior Yoga. The Krav Maga Houston ELITE programming will be a catalyst to your growing edge, and I am honored to be a small part of a process that I know will support you in growing your edge ever outward.

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  1. Jose

    I thank you for this article very much; Meredith. And all of the sudden in the radar there a is cliff you cannot avoid and in a brutal manner you will be required to face yourself first…..

    For me this rhetoric is hidden in your message and it never ocurred to me to reflect that investigation was possible.

    Life challenges us in little and at times in big ways…..

  2. Monique

    Looking forward to receiving these weekly updates.