Best Self-Defense Knifes as a Personal Safety Tool

Virtually no matter where you live, you can carry a knife. While I live the in the great state of Texas – where concealed and (starting January 1st, 2016) open carry are permissible by law – many people live in states or countries with far more restrictive laws concerning firearms.

But no matter where you live, your personal safety and general readiness for life’s unexpected turns will be bolstered if you simply choose to carry a knife. While a knife is a solid self defense tool, it’s important to remember a good knife is also a handy utility.

Just last summer, James (one of my General Managers) responded to a desperate cry for help, rushing from his desk to a member’s vehicle located in the parking lot. A child had become entangled in a seatbelt – partially around the neck. The situation was serious, but James had a knife, and he cut the seatbelt – freeing the choking child.

I have too many knives (and guns). The truth is – one good folding knife will take care of just about any situation you can imagine. When I look for a good folding knife, I look at 4 primary features:

  1. Blade shape – I need a half serrated blade to cut through seatbelts or heavy winter jackets. I personally like a Tanto point, but a standard drop point is fine.
  2. Steel – make sure the knife is made well, starting with a resilient metal that is both strong and holds a good edge.
  3. Reliable deployment – Ensure the knife you choose opens when you want it to do so (and stays closed otherwise). I prefer an “assist” spring with a thumb tab, and a solid locking mechanism that physically impedes the blade from closing back on my hand.
  4. Grip – Not only does the knife need to feel good in your hand, the surface of the knife should feature a non-slip gripping surface. This is essential if you plan on using the knife for self defense or substantial work.

While there are a host of other considerations, these four elements will ensure you don’t go wrong in selecting an everyday, do-it-all, carry knife. For a good value, check out:

  • Kershaw knives,
  • Cold Steel,
  • Spyderco,
  • Boker,
  • CRMT, and
  • SOG

If you are looking to spend in excess of $200 on your everyday carry knife, check out Benchmade Knives or look into custom knives (they are easy to find).

Get one sooner rather than later.

You just might save your life or someone else’s life – just ask James.

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