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Krav Maga: Three Key Concepts

I’ve been preaching three key concepts lately in my Krav Maga Houston classes. These concepts can be widely applied across nearly every Krav Maga defense, technique, or skill-building drill. Once mastered, these concepts will greatly enhance your training and results. These concepts can be summed up in the following way: Continuity of…

Fighting Stance: The Blade

If you’re ready to begin with a blade in your fighting stance, as a Kravologist, you’ll need to incorporate the foundational elements of the fighting stance into the subtle shift needed to blade properly. In the video below, I illustrate the most essential concepts to get you there. Check it out!

Invest In Combatives

In the video below, I summarize the major differences in the approach needed to address the dangers that a handgun threat and knife attack/threat require to successfully overcome the attack. The not so subtle differences become clear in this summary. Enjoy!