In today’s charged, hypersensitive environment, I find it highly inspirational and wholly centering for my mind and perspective to actively seek out and make time for video and audio of past and present day Medal of Honor ceremonies.

These events and the content shared therein remind us of the true nature of courage, service, and sacrifice. Somehow, much of who we are in these United States has become centered upon the individual to the point where words like courage and service have become almost meaningless. That’s sad.

So, if you need a boost and a break from the hypersensitive, first-to-be-offended nature of social conversation that has permeated so much of our lives, utilize your favorite search engine to serve up some Medal of Honor ceremonies. You won’t be disappointed. And, you just might find some inspiration for your life and your training as you continue the effort to walk in peace.

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  1. Russell Carr

    Thats some insightful stuff right there.