I mentioned the concept of “sitting” in an article and video last week (See Life in Your Hands: How to Knock ‘em Silly). Since that time, I’ve had several people make similar inquiries to further clarify the comment. So, this week, I’m taking some time to detail the concept. Essentially, when a combative (like a straight or hook or overhand punch) is developed parallel to the floor (or at a slightly downward angle), proper weight transfer facilitates “sitting.”

Let’s use the right straight punch as an example. As the punch is loaded (assume loading for the purposes of this exercise), the weight of the body becomes predominately “loaded” into the right foot for the purposes of pushing and rotating (where power initially develops). As this process unfolds, the majority of the body weight (and hips) moves from the right foot into the left foot – as the punch develops forward at the target and the platforms rotate.

This is the key: as the majority weight arrives in the left foot, the force of the movement could (and sometimes does) pull the puncher of balance. However, in making your most powerful punch, you can avoid losing your balance by bending the left knee slightly as the majority of the body weight arrives.

This subtle bend of the left knee gives the effect of “sitting” down about one inch, but simply allows the left leg to effectively accept the majority of the incoming body weight AND the substantial rotational force being applied across the body. Sitting also allows the change in the position of the hips (from the start of the punch to the finish) to be accommodated effectively.

The result is a powerful, on-balance right straight punch. Notice, as you begin to purposefully work with this concept, you may begin by sitting down too much – adjust as needed to ensure the power of your punches is increasing (sitting too much decreases power). Train with this concept for a few sessions. You’ll feel it, then lock it in – you’ve got it!

…walk in peace

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  1. john cameron

    Really enjoy these weekly articles. Great job

  2. Paulo

    No questions. You were super clear… Thanks !