Change Requires Immediate Effort

Change is never easy. Routine tends to rule. But routine is the result of the demands placed on our day by our commitments and the choices that we allow to be made for each of us by default (where our choices are made for us through a failure to overtly choose).

Often, we recognize the need for a change but waste time searching for the ideal time and circumstance to make that change.

The truth is, when we recognize the need for change, we must also start the process of changing.

Waiting for the ideal time to start changing often creates the greatest single hurdle to success.

We often say, if you don’t start today, you likely start the Fifth of NEVER.

Making a change in lifestyle or attitude can be as easy as developing a method of commitment, scheduling time to focus on change, and developing a roadmap for change. Start small, integrate your effort into your life immediately, and prioritize the elements needed to create the greatest change.

Finally, I often tell my advanced programming groups to get up as early as they can – while maintaining healthy sleep habits. Once awake, accomplish as much as you can for yourself BEFORE THE SUN COMES UP. Once the sun comes up, people will begin wanting things from you. Your cell will ring, your email will populate, and the world will come knocking.

So, if you want to change, start today, plan for it, integrate, start small, schedule time to work on the change, and get as much done as you can before daylight. You’ll be glad you did.

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